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Starting Lessons

If you or your child are interested in starting cello lessons, please reach out via the contact form on this website. 

Julie will reach out to find out more about your interests, experience and availability, and an introductory lesson may be scheduled. 

How lessons work:

Lessons run on a 32 lesson schedule, September through May, and on a weekly basis as scheduled for June through August.

Students have the opportunity to participate in two solo recitals each year, as well as group classes, and a monthly Cello Choir. Students are also encouraged to participate in other ensembles offered in the area (Sunday String Ensembles, Pioneer Valley Symphony and Youth Orchestra, Brattleboro Youth Symphony, Springfield Youth Symphony), annual events such as CELLObration! and String Spectacular as well as other performance opportunities as they arise. 

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Acquiring an Instrument:

Less than 30 minutes from Greenfield, in Dummerston, VT is the lovely Baker Violin Shop. David Baker rents and sells excellent instruments that range from student to professional quality. Julie takes her instruments to David for maintenance and repair and highly recommends that her students see him for all of their instrument needs. A call or email to David to set up an appointment to choose an instrument is all you need to get started!

Practice Expectations:

Daily practice is an important part of making progress on an instrument, especially a string instrument. Julie works with her students to develop a “practice habit” that works for them. Beginning students are encouraged to find 5-10 minutes once or twice a day to spend time with their instrument practicing the skills learned in lessons.

Students will receive either a written practice list or use of a practice app on which Julie will let them know what to practice each week. One of the positives that has come out of COVID and online lessons is the development of this kind of resource in which Julie can create and reference videos that will help students to refresh their memory or take what they learned in their lessons a step or two further at home. Students are encouraged to use whatever method (paper or online) of accessing their practice list each day as they practice. 

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